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E-R-A It's in the Game!

ERA Music incubates Canada's hottest emerging music talent, bringing the nation's most ground breaking urban artists to the world stage. 

What sets ERA apart from the pretenders?  Music is in our soul - it's  our game - from production, to promotion, straight to the stage, ERA sets trends and breaks the norm. 

We bring an old school major label artist development style to the independent world, focusing on growing our acts organically across multiple industry verticals, where we work with cutting edge innovative talent.


ERA is not just music. It's a #lifestyle.

ERA has brand equity that goes way beyond the music. We embrace the type of artists that get deep down into your soul - the type of artist that lives and breathes their art, understanding the delicate balance between image, edge and of course, music! 

The music industry has changed forever and ERA is at the forefront of that change, embracing a multi-media discipline that integrates music with fashion and brands that speak to the kind of street cred modern audiences demand. 

Record with ERA?

Got a hit song you want to bring to life? 

ERA's in-house production team can take your tracks from concept to completion. 

Drop us a line to learn more.

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Cheffin curry - P.H.E.B.U.S. ft. chale & The vinz

Featured Video - P.H.E.B.U.S. ft. Chale and The Vinz performing Cheffin Curry


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